Other ways you can help support our burros!

You can help our senior burros by following the link on the left or you can help us build more shelters by donating to the campaign shown here on the right!

​And then for all your online purchases, use Amazon Smile setting Wild Burro Rescue as your charity to help out!

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And of course the main food for our burros is hay! Lots  and lots of hay to keep them strong and healthy! Your donation helps us in the day to day care and feeding of the burros and keeps their hay supply always full!

You can help

here are some ways...

We can use your help this summer with the Fly Predator system we will be using. We will be needing roughly 200,000 predators every 3 weeks, possibly more as the summer wears on. This process is going to cost approximately $400.00 per month. 

We could use your help to defray the cost! Would you like to purchase a month's supply for our burros?

You can help! We now accept Venmo payments: @wildburrorescue

Pay Pal users go into your Pay Pal app/ account and hit the "send to" button and enter wildburrorescue@gmail.com.

Any amount you can spare would be gratefully appreciated!

Winters can be very harsh here in the Sierras. Our older burros really appreciate warm blankets to shield them from cold, blustery winds that come down the mountain.

Shop on Amazon Smile, make Wild Burro Rescue your charity so that  your purchase will help the burros!

Our summer project

We have quite a few 'old timers' here at the sanctuary. They need special feedings of grain and Senior Feed to help supplement their diet of hay.