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Our Go Fund Me Campaigns

We currently have 3 active campaigns open:

1.)  Senior burro urgent care needed.This campaign is ALWAYS on that we need your help with. Donations made here helps us to keep the much needed grains and oats for our old timers. We use at least 50 pounds of Equine Senior grain plus another 50 pounds of rolled oats. With your donations, we can also keep psyllium pellets always stocked to mix in with the grains and oats.

please follow this link if you'd like to help with this ongoing compaign:

​2)  WBR needs medications. We are raising money to keep our medicine cabinet re-stocked ASAP. As our burro population ages they begin to have more medical issues, as we do with our human selves. We have a veterinarian that offers us great cost prices on our needs, but if something arises it can take days to get her over to us. 
We're off the grid on land that our burros thrive in. Even going out to pick up medication takes time. Having a stocked medicine cabinet is beyond beneficial. A burro hides pain and discomfort well, so when they do show signs we need to treat them right then and there. It could make or break them. Timing is everything in a life threatening situation.
Right now we have a burro who has not eaten for 3 days and we won't get to the vet until Wednesday. We are out of medication for him. While we surely hope it's not too late to help him, it is a reality we face living off the grid. Diana is hand feeding him his nightly grains, coaxing him in hopes he will eat by her side. Every night and throughout the day, petting him, loving him, simply sitting by him...
Please help us fill our medicine cabinet. Any amount counts. If you can't donate now, share this link to your page. The more people following our stories and our plight, the stronger our chances at giving these beautiful creatures a comfortable life.
Medications we're stocking up on:
--Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethroprim Tablets -  Antibiotic used to treat a wide range of infections. $80/bottle
--Previcox - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used for a range of painful conditions -$250/60 pills
--Banamine Paste - potent non-narcotic, non-steroidal analgesic agent with anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing activity used for stomach aches & colic - $35/tube

​Here is the link to follow to help out:

3) Shelters needed. WILD BURRO RESCUE in Olancha, CA  is home to appoximately 200 special care and senior burros, horses and mules. Nearly one half are still in need of shelter to protect them from our harsh desert mountain climate: hot summers, high winds and cold winters. Please help us make their "golden years" truly golden. 
Funds are needed to do the ground work, which means clearing out areas that are largely very rocky. It will require a large tractor along with the operator and hired laborers! Equipment and labor are both factored into our goal amount posted here, along , of course, with the actual price of the materials needed to construct the shelter. These shelters will need to be secured and anchored in a LOT of cement to make sure they do not blow away in the high winds that are very common up here. Here is the link to follow if you would like to help us:

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We have quite a few 'old timers' here at the sanctuary. They need special feedings of grain and Senior Feed to help supplement their diet of hay.

Once in a while we still get new baby burros from  pregnant burros taken from the wild. Sometimes they are orphaned by their own mothers as was the case of this baby burro. Babies need special dietary needs.

Winters can be very harsh here in the Sierras. Our older burros really appreciate warm blankets to shield them from cold, blustery winds that come down the mountain.

And of course the main food for our burros is hay! Lots  and lots of hay to keep them strong and healthy! Your donation helps us in the day to day care and feeding of the burros and keeps their hay supply always full!

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