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Dearest friends,

As I write this it is early morning. The sun hasn’t yet crested the Coso range to the east and the moon is setting over the sierras in the west. A warm fire burns and the coffee is brewing.

I watch out the kitchen window and see a family of young coyotes attempting to catch rabbits, chucker and quail, without luck, but having a merry good time trying. Then a pair of young golden eagles joins the hunt. Around and around they circle as the pups leap high over the sage brush, chasing one another, forgetting their hunting plan entirely. No one managed to catch breakfast because most of the bunnies and birds fled from bush to bush until they reached the safety of the burro corral where no coyotes can reach the long eared and feathered friends of the burros without a direct attack.

One burro drops his head and heads towards the hungry coyote that came to the corral. Coyote looks back at burro then decides to try someplace else for breakfast and trots down the driveway. Then the coyote pups decide to sing up the sun. My dogs join in for a howling good time! Another day begins at the sanctuary.

 For once the wind is calm and sunrise stunning! Then, it's out to feed and care for the burros, mules and horses. Hay, water, grain and supplements for our aging burros. Many get "special care" for various age related issues: mostly arthritis and stiffness or else they can only survive on equine senior feed for lack of teeth, or proper nutrient absorption on hay alone. The grain is soaked in hot water so they get a warm, nutritious breakfast and later on dinner. Some get a full body message and liniment twice daily.

 Then onto moving hay to each feeding area with our little tractor and cleaning shelters and corrals. The days are never ending and work and special feeding finishes well after dark.

 Volunteers come and go. Most do not stay long because the days are long and the work is hard and there is not enough funding for hired help. One person alone has stayed for the past 25 years thru thick and thin, joy and sorrow. That person is myself, founder /president, primary care giver and fundraiser. Rarely do I leave the sanctuary, only by necessity. The animals are my life and I theirs. There is no place I need to go for "vacation". Everything I need is here; a remote mountain canyon, wild life who know they are all safe and protected here and the wonderful burros, mules, horses, dogs and cats. Life is hard, but life is good.

 The house needs major repairs, the solar upgraded, firewood cut and stacked, old vehicles requiring constant maintenance waiting for parts and new shelters to be constructed as funding allows. Of course the animals come first and my needs met when and if possible; no complaints. I’m happy with less to be able to provide more for them. I am a simple person with simple needs. I would change nothing in my personal life, but I work hard to fund the needs of the animals and provide quality care throughout their long lives. They are my passion they are the love which surrounds and sustains me daily.

 Your support and donations make all of this possible. There would be no Wild Burro Rescue sanctuary without you! I am so very grateful for ever gift no matter how small or how large and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your love is given directly in many ways to these kind and gentle creatures.

 My sincere thanks to you all. Together we have accomplished the nearly impossible and will carry on long into the future with your continued support. I hope you enjoy this long awaited and very special addition of Wild Burro Watch 25th anniversary issue.

 Warmest regards and much love

From the burros forever


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