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Well, we made it through the flooding, snow, ice and wind storms and the longest, hottest most brutal summer in 17 years. Now, at last, the blessed cool breath of autumn caresses the skies. Earth sighs in relief after baking in the hot winds of summer. Flies will soon be totally gone for another eight months. Peace and healing for all of us has begun. Let us cherish this gift of renewal to regain strength and stamina, joy and laughter. This luxury has been impossible while struggling with heat, insects and sores from the biting flies to be treated several times per day. Our only pleasure a cool soak in a sun heated tub of water. Ahhhh!

Winter flooding took a heavy toll on shelters with rivers rushing through and around them. Some were filled with mud, sand and water a foot deep. Shoveling drainage ditches to keep the water flowing out of shelters and corrals is heavy back-breaking work. A dry place for the animals is the only concern. It was awful.

We need the help of an engineer to plan a diversion of future flooding into the washes away from our shelters and road. Anyone reading this who would be able to help, please give a thought to coming out to lend a hand designing this project. I never want to experience that terrible mess again! When the animals suffer, we suffer right beside them trying to fix the problem.

So little time, so little money. So much to do. However , because of you we keep getting by and even manage to make some progress on our on-going projects. Burro time: slow and steady...our motto, our life.

Thank you all for supporting this vital work for our wild ones and their kin. For standing by us through the hard times and for sharing the kindness and compassion to help protect the earth and her children. Love is the key to all things.

All for the burros,


So many to love here at the sanctuary! Your support is very much appreciated!

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