And here are a few more items we can never have enough of:

BALES OF HAY / ALFALFA - as many as you'd like to buy! They have big trucks to haul lots of bales:)  If you can buy even just one bale of hay a week at the going price that would add up quickly and if enough good folks could get together to order that way we would always have a supply for the burros:)

Perhaps suggest it to co-workers or other family members! 

VETERICYN-  for wound care. From item #E001500 The vetericyn made for eye care (the gel form) is also needed. Item #E001502

EQUINE SENIOR - We  can never have too much!! This can be ordered through our supplier. Consider buying a bag to add to the truck. (see phone number at right)

EQUI-AID PSYLLIUM PELLETS-  (10,20 or 50 lbs) can be ordered through item # SLT180127

FLAT ROLLED OATS-  we mix this in with the Equine Senior...we needs LOTS!!

NU-STOCK WOUND CREAM order from item  # E024357​


​​FARNHAM BRONCO GOLD EQUINE FLY SPRAY (1 gal) This can be ordered through -  Item # E002829

DOG FOOD (DRY) AND CAT FOOD- These can be ordered through our supplier who will put onto the hay truck when it delivers to the sanctuary. Hint - our dogs LOVE the "Taste of the Wild" brand!

INFLATABLE SOLAR LANTERNS - for use at the cabins and our bunks and burros events


What we have need of is water troughs for the burros. The ones we currently have are getting quite old now, cracking, leaking... We need 75 gallon to 150 gallon troughs.(We have enough of the 300 gallon ones now!) We are trying to replace our cracked plastic ones with metal troughs. 
As for the older troughs that we can replace, they are recycled and used as a raised garden for vegetables and flowers.

These,too, can be ordered directly from Gateway (see above contact info) They run approximately $100 a piece for the 12' panels/4 rail/galvanized
We can use any amount you'd like to purchase. They will deliver them here when we get our hay shipment from them!


We desperately need shelters for our aging burros! You can call Billet Barns, who put up our existing shelters, for pricing on the 12x12 size shelters.

Their phone number is: (661) 945-1249 


We are in need of a 4-horse bumper-pulled horse trailer

If you'd like to help out by ordering directly through the store, here is the information:

Gateway Hardware

6259  Highway 178

Inyokern, CA 93527

phone: 760-377-4571

fax: 760-377-4183



Look how many ways you can help!

Here is the link to follow to our Amazon wish list page to find some of the items listed below:

WORKING TRUCK - All year we've had issues with our Dodge Truck, it's been repaired time and time again, gotten new batteries, you name it. We may need to put about $8k into it with no guarantees or just get a new truck all together. We've been having to dump compost only when Karen our VP, or Susan our Secretary are visiting cause they have trucks that can tow our dump trailer and take it down to our compost heap. Can you imagine a ranch without a truck? We are seriously in a bind. When money comes in, we feed the animals first, but corral maintenance has hit a serious back up and we'd like to get back to a good routine. So if you or someone you know is getting rid of a truck, send them our way!

FULL SIZE TRACTOR w/ front loader - We actually bought a backhoe nearly two years ago for $12,000 from a shop in Quartzsite, AZ. They sold us the tractor under false pretenses and it never made it past our gates and sits at the bottom near our entrance. None of the issues were discussed with us at the time of purchase and they made zero effort to help, fix or refund. We only have one compact tractor and we need a full size one to accomplish many needs. Who goes and rips off a non-profit? Naughty list for sure! Anyhow, we are also happy to accept a used one if anyone has.

XUV/QUAD - to transport hay bales & tools around the ranch. Did you know we have 140 acres? We're eye-balling this John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle, but anything similar, used or new will be just as good!

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - We have 4 cabins for guests and work-stay volunteers and god forbid an accident happens on this dry, arid land. We want to ensure the safely of our guests and most importantly our over 200 animals.

4 DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES - We're off the grid no modern luxuries, but luckily we've converted Diana's house, water system and some cabin lighting to solar! Diana's house needs more batteries, so let's get her some! The Burro Queen needs some love too! She uses Trojan Deep Cycle GEL

2 DEEP CYCLE MARINE/SOLAR BATTERIES - Only two of our cabins have solar lighting. We need two more! Let there be light!

2 PROPANE WALL HEATERS - It gets pretty nippy in the winter and we want to keep our volunteer guests warm and cozy. Only two of our cabins have wall heaters. We need two more! These blue flame heaters are great, they heat the air fast! 

2 100lb PROPANE TANKS - We need these to run the wall heaters. Empty ones will do and we can get Gateway to pick 'em up and fill 'em up!

BAGS OF CARROTS - And let's not forget our burros looooooooooove carrots. Ok, the dogs do too  [😉]
[🎁]  We happily accept new & used (working)  [🎁]
And remember, we are a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible! 

Aside from Amazon Smile, we also recommend to order supplies. Use PROMO CODE iglphrs to receive a 30% discount on your order!!!

We of course always need the Equine Senior, rolled oats and yes, even dog biscuit treats. All of these can be bought through our Gateway supplier who in turn will add it to the truck when they bring our hay.

Vetericyn, Desitin, gauze or vet wrap are our 3 most important items we can't ever have enough of. 

Water troughs needed! The 75-150 gallons

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We also accept payments at Venmo: @wildburrorescue

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A truck full of hay delivered by Gateway for the burros!

Our Wish List


Shipping information

For anyone ordering items from, AmazonSmile or any other site, they generally ship via UPS and require a physical address and if the items are large  or heavy such as  psyllium buckets please have them ship the items to:

Olancha RV Park
c/o Wild Burro Rescue/Diana Chontos
2351 S. Highway 395
Olancha, CA 93549


For smaller sized items going via USPS, you can mail directly to the post office box. 

Wild Burro Rescue

PO box 10

​Olancha, CA 93549