Volunteer / Live-in opportunities

This opportunity is perfect for animal lovers, photographers, hikers, outdoor adventurers, travel bloggers, nature lovers, bird watchers, stargazers, off grid wannabes, dreamers, boondockers, writers and just about any other type of person who loves working in the great outdoors and making a difference in an animals life. There are lots of incredible hikes and great photo opportunities in and around the property that will also be available to you during your stay. Nights at the sanctuary are even more spectacular, with dark skies perfect for stargazing and capturing glimpses of the Milky Way. Owens Valley, where our sanctuary is located, is full of cool places to explore and the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley National Park are both just a short hike or drive away.

Nearby Points of Interest’s include:
23 miles to Fossil Falls 
31 miles to Cerro Gordo Ghost Town
37 miles to Manzanar National Historic Site
40 miles to Mt. Whitney Portal
51 miles to Darwin Falls DVNP
53 miles to Death Valley National Park
103 miles to Owens River Gorge
123 miles to Wild Willy’s Hot Springs
123 miles to Benton Hot Springs
127 miles to Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort
137 miles to Obsidian Dome
170 miles to Tecopa Hot Springs
176 miles to Travertine Hot Springs
181 miles to Bodie State Historic Park and Ghost Town

For more information regarding the above POI’s and other unique California locations to add to your bucket list, please visit

BATHROOM AMENITIES: We have a Washroom cabin a few steps away from yours. Complete with compost toilet and solar heated shower & tub.

COOKING: There are no fires allowed on the property. We do have propane heaters in each cabin, a propane stove and some basic kitchen essentials. Each cabin also has a Large cooler to keep your perishables.

SLEEPING: A cot is provided along with a sleeping loft. May provide two cots if there is availability. Blankets are also available.

CONVENIENCE: We have a Mobil Mart just 10 minutes away for any last minute items like food, snacks, beverages, ice, etc. The Ranch House Cafe and Olancha Cafe are also 10 minutes way to grab a bite. For groceries, the quaint western town of Lone Pine, CA is just 30 minutes away.

Have a small RV or Camper? No problem! You may park it on our property. Same expected work hours of course :)

TERMS: Length of stay is a 1 week minimum with 4-5 hours of work per day. (you may potentially negotiate to move your hours around with Diana if you have a whole day trip planned, so long as no emergencies arise, she may need your help). Ideally we're looking for a couple people to fall in love and stay forever & have an unfurnished cabin to make their own. Each potential applicant(s) will be interviewed, must pass a background check and will be required to sign a waiver and contract that outlines what will be expected during their stay.

Ready for an experience like no other? Email to our Volunteer Coordinator, Cash Autrey (Mr. STRAYNGER RANGER himself) at rangercashautrey@gmail.com

Here are two of our cabins that are available for you when you come to stay and volunteer your time for our burros.

Looking to stay cost-free in exchange for work? Thinking of visiting Death Valley or the Eastern Sierra? Come stay with us at Wild Burro Rescue and Preservation Project! This gorgeous 140+ acre property sits 4800 feet up in the foothills of the Eastern Sierra with over over 200 rescued burros, 8 horses, 6 mules, 10 dogs, a few ranch cats, and 1 cow. Retreat in a charming little off the grid cabin that sleeps 2 (we have two cabins) in exchange for 4-5 hours of work that directly benefits the animals or the sanctuary overall. Work may include but is not limited to: ensuring all the animals living at the sanctuary have enough water and food throughout the day, cleaning troughs, raking hay, offloading hay when deliveries are made, providing general care, loving pets and ear rubs, and other tasks that may arise.

Some inside pictures of the cabins

photo by Holly Thomas

Night skies are so beautiful here! Come and see for yourself.