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A ranger of the strange and no stranger to the range, Straynger Ranger is obsessed with discovering the hidden histories and unique stories of the obscure and often overlooked people, places and things that surround us.

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A nice dinner after the day's work with (L-R): Gerhard, Diana, Aime, Roger, Cash (Straynger Ranger)and Lale

Straynger Ranger 

Volunteer Coordinator for Wild Burro Rescue

When I first visited the Wild Burro Rescue and Preservation Project back in May of 2016, I instantly felt a connection to the land and the animals that have found sanctuary there. I grew up in Bakersfield, CA surrounded by all kinds of animals but it was our horses that I always felt the strongest connection with. Visiting the rescue that first time reminded me of all those wonderful memories I had growing up and over the next 12 months I continued to return to do what I could to help out. Each visit made me realize just how much work goes into running the rescue and I knew I needed to do more.

I created Bunks & Burros to build upon the volunteer program that already exists at the rescue. This unique one of a kind event allows volunteers to camp alongside some of the last remaining wild burros to be rescued out of Death Valley National Park, experience incredible hikes, and most importantly work on projects that help improve the lives of all the animals living at the sanctuary. 

Watching Shadow, a senior Burro living with a club foot react to seeing her newly cleaned out stall, was a fairly good sign that we were doing something right during our first event back in May of 2017. 

Bunks & Burros volunteers, with the help of everyone else at the Wild Burro Rescue, were able to complete the following projects during our weekend long stay:

• removed excess hay and manure from four stalls, which helped reduce the biting fly and gnat populations that often annoy and cause serious health issues for the burros 

• removed hundreds of large rocks from a corral that surrounded Shadow and Daisy, two older burros that have difficulties walking due to their club feet and/or other crippling issues, which allowed them to enjoy the sun more often and opened up a larger area for them to walk in

• cleared smelly compact soil, rocks and debris from some of the steel fencing and shade structures that had washed in during a recent flood, which stopped rust from weakening them further in the future 

During our second Bunks & Burros event in October of 2017, the love continued and with the help of all the volunteers completed the following:

• removed hundreds of large rocks from Billy's and Chicalene's corrals, making it easier for Billy to walk around on his club foot and providing Chicalene with a much bigger space to run and play in 

• fed and watered all the other animals living at the sanctuary 

• offloaded hay around the entire property 

• deep cleaned two of the cabins and a restroom so that future volunteers and guests will have a better overall experience when visiting the rescue 

I plan to continue to host Bunks & Burros throughout the year and would ultimately like to start organizing larger fundraisers and organized group events sometime in the future. In the meantime, I’ll continue to remain focused on raising awareness about the rescue through my videos (
https://vimeo.com/strayngerranger) and social networks (https://www.instagram.com/strayngerranger/). After all, Burros have been helping people throughout most of their existence, isn't it time we showed them a little love? 

Cash Autrey aka Straynger 

For information about upcoming Bunks & Burros events, please follow Straynger Ranger on FB (https://m.facebook.com/strayngerranger/). 

Besides helping the burros, there were also a lot of "side trips" made with hiking all around the sanctuary. Catching stunning waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets. 

If you'd like to come and visit and volunteer with us please contact Straynger Ranger for news of the next upcoming Bunks & Burros volunteer events

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The founder of Bunks and Burros and the beginnings

The founder of Bunks and Burros and the beginnings

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