Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in pet care or in veterinarian care? A "thank you" goes out to Kim C. for sharing these links with us to add to our website. If anyone is currently enrolled in any animal care courses, or in training to do farrier work and would like to get "hands-on" experience, please give us a call or text at 760.384.8523

In the meantime, check out these links which can be the beginning of an awesome career to help animals:


and one more at:


​career ideas

click the link below  to print out the application form!

Internship application


Interns from Bennington College

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​​Did you know that you can do internships with us?

Do you need to get credits for your classes?

check with your colleges and see how you can get involved and earn extra credits.

You can help us with animal care, training, vetting, farrier work. Even organic gardening!

We most certainly welcome all who want to further their studies. You can help our burros and yourself at the same time!