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Wild Burro Rescue & Preservation Project
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Wild Burro Rescue Internship Application

 Date of Application:  _____/_________/____________

 Name:  ________________________________________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

City:  ___________________________________ State:  __________ Zip:  _________________

Home Phone:  ____________________________  Work Phone:  __________________________

Cell Phone:  ______________________________ E-mail:  ______________________________

Occupation:  ___________________________ Employer:  ______________________________


Which is the best number to call during the daytime?                                                􀂆 Home  􀂆 Work  􀂆 Cell

 Do you meet our minimum age requirement of 18 years?                                          􀂆 Yes 􀂆 No

 Which start date are you applying for?

􀂆 Spring    􀂆 summer   􀂆 fall   􀂆 winter   

 Do you have a valid U.S. driver’s license?                                                               􀂆 Yes 􀂆 No

 Are you able to drive a standard transmission vehicle?                                             􀂆 Yes 􀂆 No

 Have you received a tetanus shot recently?                                                             􀂆 Yes 􀂆 No

 The job requires physical labor, including standing, walking, lifting heavy objects

 (Hay bales) and outdoor work during all types of weather.

Are you willing and physically able to perform these types of duties?                          􀂆 Yes 􀂆 No

Do you have any animal or outdoor allergies?                                                            􀂆 Yes 􀂆 No

Please respond to the following on a separate attached sheet.

1) Why do you want this internship?

2) Wild Burro Rescue reveres animals as sentient beings, not “objects” or “things.” We never refer to animals as “it,” rather “he/she.” What are your thoughts on this philosophy?

 Please list two professional and/or academic references:

 Reference #1                                                                                                                       Reference #2

Name: ____________________________________________                            Name ________________________________________

Daytime Phone: _____________________________________                          Daytime Phone: ________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________                           E-mail: _______________________________________

Relationship: _______________________________________                          Relationship: __________________________________

 If accepted for this internship, I agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Wild Burro Rescue and to perform the duties of this position with a strong work ethic and high level of personal integrity. I agree to respect the philosophies of the organization, and I will provide the best possible care for the animals placed in my hands.

By signing this application I indicate that I am aware that the internship I am applying for is voluntary.

__________________________________________                            ______________  /______________ / _______________

Signature                                                                                                Date 


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​​Did you know that you can do internships with us?

Do you need to get credits for your classes?

check with your colleges and see how you can get involved and earn extra credits.

You can help us with animal care, training, vetting, farrier work. Even organic gardening!

We most certainly welcome all who want to further their studies. You can help our burros and yourself at the same time!  

click the link below  to print out the application form!