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In case anyone wants to keep up with what I do day by day when I am here in Amargosa Valley, please feel free to follow me on this Wordpress blog.

I take care of the computer work, emails, website etc for the organization. I'm not at the ranch for "hands-on", except on my occassional visits there, but this is my way to help out in another way... I don't live an "exciting" life but follow along and you'll see how I spend my days.


This particular visit was made because some very dear friends had made a trip all the way from Encinitas, CA to come to visit myself and Diana. They stayed the first night of their trip here in Amargosa Valley with me. They brought their two dogs and the trailer and parked out in my driveway for the night. A good time was had just catching up on all the latest goings-on with them and me. 

The following morning they left to visit and spend a night in Death Valley at Furnace Creek. I was going to meet up with them when they were going to head on over to Olancha on the 21st.

I left early on the 21st and met Gary and Sandy at the Ranch House Cafe there in Olancha and from there they followed me up to the sanctuary.

What a FUN time we all had. It had been so many years since they had been up at the sanctuary. We had  a wonderful time. It went by way too fast!

I will refresh this page with news in Olancha whenever I make my next trip to Olancha.

I personally want to thank each and every one of our supporters for your help. Without you, Wild Burro Rescue would not exist. The burros send lots of happy braying your way!


​Karen Gilligan, VP WBR

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Message from the VP

Karen Gilligan, VP WBR

My name is Karen Gilligan and I am the VP of Wild Burro Rescue and also the webmaster for the organization. I am the one who takes care of checking and answering any emails that come over for WBR and for Diana because the internet connection  in Olancha at her house is very "iffy" to say the least. I also had set up and now update the two GoFundMe campaigns for the burros which you can find on the  You can help  page on this site. I also take care of the bookkeeping and writing/mailing donor receipts to all who donate.

On THIS page (VP), I will update with news of the sanctuary whenever I make a visit there, which is usually once a month. I  live in Amargosa Valley, NV. which is 3 hours from Olancha, so trips are not all that frequent!