We NEED hay and lots of it! Winter is fast approaching. We hate to think we could well encounter what happened to us last year: the hay truck was not able to make it up our long road due to ice and snow! We need to stock up NOW before the snows hit us! 
We get our hay from Gateway Hardware located in Inyo Kern, CA. We would like to have as much hay as possible delivered to the sanctuary to fill our hay barn. Gateway can deliver twice a week with loads of 70-75 bales of hay. Can you PLEASE help us? 

Please call Gateway directly at:
760-377-4571 They will tell you the current price of the Three-way hay that we get from them (called BOW). Tell them you'd like to order it for the Wild Burro Rescue.  ASK FOR HEATHER!

Please call and order as many as you'd like for our burros. Perhaps you and your friends can chip in an by a truck-full for us? 

Thank you to all who have helped us in the past! Please spread the word and help us fill our barn for the coming winter months!

Click on the photo above to read the very well written and informative article written in the National Parks Magazine about the burros and our sanctuary!

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Video has NO sound!

Many thanks to our friend "Straynger Ranger" from LA who had organized the 2nd Bunks and Burros Event for us. With the help of the volunteers he got together, a lot of work was done again that was such a big help for our burros! 

At the right is a video he did to help round up some volunteers. To see the video of the actual weekend event, go to the Straynger Ranger page!

This video was produced by Charolotte Roe and Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation showing the dangers facing the lives of the wild burros.


National park magazine

Updated Saturday January 13, 2018

Help us stock our hay barn before winter storms move in!

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Below is our 25th anniversary newsletter that we published last year in 2016. Take a look!

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The Bunks & Burros event

​was a GREAT success!

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We, here at Wild Burro Rescue, want to take time to thank ALL of you who have been helping our burros by donating through Pay Pal, our GoFundMe campaigns and now our monthly E-flyers. Without your help, we would not be here! Our burros send lots of loud, happy brays your way for all you do for them. THANK YOU!


We would like to let everyone know that we had a very difficult year last year and so we resorted to the help of a professional fund raising group called Fund Raising Strategies. Many of you are getting the mailers from them now, showing a mailing address in Los Angeles, CA rather than our address here in Olancha, CA. The reason being, this is how they are able to keep track of donations received. They have expanded our donor base and have helped give us more exposure out in the public.

Desperate needs means desperate measures. It has caused some confusion as the style of the writing in the flyers is so different than what many of our long-time donors are used to seeing. But please bear with us as we try to move forward with this method to raise money for our burros and their needs.

You are more than welcomed to mail your donation directly to our address here in Olancha:

PO BOX 10 Olancha, CA 93549-0010

 thank you for your patience!

Our new 2017 newsletter is now ready to view!

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